400k renovation of a barn and shop

Design and installation of power, lighting and home audio system, including a range of high end lights and accessories.

This was a complete development of a old cottage, shop and stables into a large up market home. Our job was to go through the clients needs and ideas and turn them into a practical and functional home, from the designing of the circuits, the lighting plan and loadings to the installation and testing.

Because of the design of the building and that it was across 3 stories we had calculate all the circuits lengths, but also because it had under floor heating all through the house meant that way had to take the heated floor space into account as well. The architect also had a lot of exposed stone work which bring another aspect to our installation, meaning a large amount of the cable were protected by conduit which we installed behind the stone work to protect our cables.

This was also our first home audio installation including speakers, full HD and a central sky and ipodĀ  station.

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