6 M2erlin Installation

Fullwood’s largest M2erlin installation in the U.K

This was our team’s and Fullwood’s largest U.K M2erlin installation. A lot of planning went into this job, not just in choosing the right location for the M2erlins but also trying to incorporate grouping factors, foot baths and gate entry and exits. We also spent a lot of time pre planning our pipe and containment installations so at the end of the job everything fits and looks as it should.

We bent and welded stainless steel delivery lines from the M2erlin through the Packo ice water cooling tube coolers right through to the Packo 30,000ltr silo bulk milk tank. All mains and Hot water supplies we done in copper pipe using soldered joints and insulated in Kingspan foam lagging from the Cotswold water heater. We also replaced the existing shed lights for new Phillips high powered LED floods lights.

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Our engineers carried out the complete installation of services including mains electrics, mains water and even assisted the builder in the layout for the AMS machines