At G&A Wallace Engineers Ltd we realise that productivity and efficiency are key for any dairy farmer, from a small 25 cow herd up to large scale 1200 cow herds. For this reason we work closely with the UKs leading manufacture to provide our clients with cost effective, flexible solutions whether it’s a new installation, robot maintenance or existing plant.

Experience and knowledge that set us apart

When it comes to automated milking systems and new installations G&A Wallace Engineers has a proven track record of providing a complete and efficient service. This includes full shed and layout designs, coordination with building contractors, plant installations and a follow up training program. Our team of experienced engineers have installed multiple AMS across the North of England ranging in size and complexity from a single robot installation to the UKs largest installation of ten Fullwood M2lins machines.

Service to prevent headaches

At G&A Wallace Engineers we take our serving seriously, that’s why we have a dedicated service and maintenance team. This not only give our farmers piece of mind, it also provides an efficient return on investment ‘because if the machine isn’t milking cows it’s not making money!’ With a large stock of both serviceable and spare parts, along with our 24hour 365days a year on call service our famers can rest ashore that their AMS are in safe hands.

Getting the most out of existing plant

For existing milking parlour and older robotic milking systems we offer a range of energy saving quick return solutions including the following;

Vacuum on Demand, which can save up to 50% electric compared to conventional DOL systems.

Variable speed milk pump, increasing heat exchange in plate cooler and improving milk quality.

Plate and tube coolers, reduces energy consumption and tank cooling run time.

Auto identification and herd management, reducing time spent in parlour, enabling maximum yield from herd and improving cow welfare.

Cluster flush systems, improves cow welfare and can lower cell counts